Julius Randle Injures His Right Hand

If you’ve been following the Lakers, you’ll know that the Lakers youngsters have been practicing hard each day. They are motivated to prove all the doubters and critics wrong. They have even earned the nickname “The Breakfast Club” for their early morning workouts

Unfortunately, one of the Breakfast Club members, Lakers power forward Julius Randle, suffered an injury during practice yesterday.

“Lakers forward Julius Randle suffered a laceration to his right hand (webbing between middle and ring fingers) yesterday while practicing. He received 7 stitches and will be re-evaluated in approximately 14 days.” – Los Angeles Lakers

Thankfully, the injury is relatively minor. Randle can continue to do certain workouts and will not miss any camp or preseason time. His development will in no way be hindered nor will all the progress he has made this offseason.

Once fans learned the injury was minor they expressed their disappointment. Julius Randle is often critiqued on not having a right hand. Julius is a lefty, but most NBA stars can attack the rim with either hand. Fans were disappointed that Julius did not hurt his left hand, as they want him to become better with his right hand.

They might be on to something, but I am sure Julius can improve his offhand without having to injure his other hand. In the meantime, we wish Julius Randle a speedy recovery.

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