Is Anthony Brown Worth the Trouble?

At the 2016 Summer League, several Lakers players shined, from coveted rookie Brandon Ingram to fan favorite Zubac. One player however, Anthony Brown, did not play up to expectations.

During his days at Stanford, Brown was an excellent three-point shooter, shooting 44% from behind the arc his senior year. However, his NBA rookie year he shot a mere 29% from trey, leaving fans wondering if he is deserving of a roster spot.

In today’s NBA, 3 and D players are coveted highly. Danny Green and Andre Iguodala are both valuable contributors to contending teams and are primarily known for their great defense and three-point shooting.

Brown has definitely shown he has the potential to be an excellent perimeter defender. In the Laker’s first Summer League Game, Brown held talented prospect Buddy Hield to 25% from the field. Yet Brown knows that’s not enough.

“Make more shots; that’s the number one thing. If i do that, I’ll probably get on the court. But without that, I probably won’t get on the court.” -Anthony Brown

Brown has the potential to be a serviceable player for the Lakers in the future, but it may take some time for Brown to reach his full potential. Before he was the league’s best 3 and D player, Danny Green was cut by two teams within two months and even contemplated playing overseas.

Green’s path to where he is now was a gradual process, and it is more than likely so will Anthony Brown’s.

Brown has a very cap-friendly contract and has shown he has the potential to be a useful rotation player. At the very least, Brown can be a defensive specialist off the bench. But if Brown were to pan out, he could be a great role player.

Anthony Brown is definitely worth the trouble.

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